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Make meaningful connections with like-minded singles

Hey, gorgeous! Find out more about why this matchmaking service exists and how the people behind the scenes make your dating experience a personalized one.


Quite simply, Mai Tai is one of the Co-Founders' favorite cocktails and it’s Tahitian for very good. Of course, cocktails are all about having a good time, relaxing and having fun.  Which is exactly what we want to offer you, a chance to meet serious daters who have a passion for enjoying everything that life has to offer.



Are you ready for top-notch yummy food, laughter, and interesting conversations with like-minded singles?  We understand the pressures of modern life and know that you have little time for online dating and we know that you haven’t been impressed with the people you’re meeting.

If you’re a busy, selective professional now you can date like one!  Our Matchmakers & Dating Experts make it easier for Londoners to find a life partner by searching for matches and setting up dinner dates based on compatibility, connection and chemistry. Join our dating community and speak to our professional Matchmakers about your relationship goals and start your love story TODAY.  Invite your fabulous single friends to join and Get 20% off your first Drink, Network & Flirt event after they join!

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These days connection is all about poking, liking or winking but the truth is that as everyone’s number of virtual dates keep growing really quickly, ironically this is often done in the solitary confinement of their own homes, where there is little opportunity for actual face to face interaction.  We want to coax people out of their onesies and back into the city for traditional dating experiences.

Mai Tai is on a mission to shake up the world of online dating, so instead of asking you to swipe through loads of fake profiles, your Matchmaker will use their expertise & our smart tech to suggest compatible matches for you to meet in real life.


We intend to create more opportunities for love, laughter and long-term relationships.  We are passionate about using innovation and tech to bring people together in new & interesting ways #GetOnline2GetOffline.  We exist to make dating great again.  Feel free to let us know of any restaurants that you’d like us to partner with.


1.       Register Online

Provide some information about yourself including your personal preferences and your deal-breakers.  Your profile is not visible to other members so you can don’t have to waste time searching through profiles and messaging back and forth.

2.       Smart Matchmaking

Speak to a qualified Matchmaker to discuss your personal preferences.  We combine AI with a human touch and use a proven matchmaking model that combines psychology and science.

3.       Start Dating

You’ll receive matches based on connection, chemistry and compatibility.  We’ll even book a fantastic restaurant for you.



Matchmaking for busy professionals

* Access a personalised dating service

*Enjoy the dating experience by meeting people offline (virtual at first during the corona pandemic)

* Top-notch food & great company with another member

Mai Tai doesn’t want to be a faceless brand, yes that is a picture of us just above, we want to get to know the members. Tell us what you like what you don’t like using our simple feedback system for each event. Of course, any suggestions are acceptable by email but I’d prefer to meet you face to face! We follow the Dating Agency Associations code of practice for a premium matchmaking service.

If you have any questions or you are a top restaurant who would like to be a partner please contact us at  

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