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Are you a smooth texter who knows how to keep someone hooked on their phone or are you the dater who doesn’t know that you have to ask questions to show that you’re interested in your match?

It’s tough trying to show your personality when you’re stuck behind a screen and superficial small talk can only be sustained for so long. If you can get past the boring messaging part of dating online, you’ll be able to advance to the pre-date sharing phase when you have a conversation about things that matter to you (either virtually or even on the phone). 

Honesty doesn’t seem to be a priority for many singletons who make exaggerated claims about their lifestyle or level or success to impress the person they are attracted to.

Let’s be real for a minute - the problem with this is not only that it is deceitful but that it also results in a lot of embarrassing backtracking and explaining during the first date, a time that should really be spent enjoying getting to know each other with as little pressure as possible. So, how do we change this and find a way to be confident the date authentically?

Meaningful Conversations

Whether we like it or not, the world has become a pretty serious place over the last year with COVID-19, ongoing justice issues and the global political landscape. The result of these events is that singles are no longer willing to skirt around subjects and ignore them in favour of meaningless conversations.

Indeed, singles are not vacuous entities, and it is clear that while many want to enjoy a coffee and conversation about not very much, it almost feels impossible to achieve this anymore with talk quickly turning to what is happening in the world.

What Should You Talk About

If you’re in a relationship and not a situationship as time moves on you’ll start venturing into conversations that reveal more about the person you’re with. Subjects such as sex, politics, family, religion and health are all on the table and need honest conversations.

Being the Best (and Honest) Version of Yourself

Having the confidence to be an open book when you first start talking to a new match can be daunting, but it is the best way to find the right person as you can be certain that your values, dreams and ambitions are all aligned.

However, being the best version of yourself does not require you to bear your soul before even meeting someone! The mantra you should take is to be real and be honest; if you are uncomfortable sharing something early on, then explain this. Authenticity is the key, and honesty will help you always achieve this.

Transform Your Dating Life

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