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Lockdown has presented couples with many challenges, but the truth is that challenges are often fantastic growth opportunities! External circumstances might lead to compromises, but that just gives you free rein to be inventive. In fact, novel experiences do couples the world of good!

Refresh Your Routine

Novel experiences do couples the world of good! For example, where you once might have headed out to a bar for date night, dress up for dinner at your place and then have a dance-off (check out YouTube for new moves). Invest in a new board game or two. Watch documentaries on topics that fascinate you both and have a natter about them afterwards. It’s a great time to take up a new hobby together, like sketching, meditation, workouts, DJing (or simply making playlists together) … and be sure to go for romantic walks somewhere picturesque during the day.

Let Patience & Tolerance Shine

When couples successfully weather life’s storms, their connections are revitalised and their bonds strengthened. Taking time to consider what your partner really needs is a good place to start. It is beneficial to know your partner’s love language and use it to demonstrate appreciation. Let’s say their language is ‘Acts of Service’. They will appreciate simple gestures such as breakfast in bed, walking their dog or tidying their office. It’s a way of saying, “I appreciate you; I consider your thoughts and I want to make your life easier”.

Be Inventive, Encourage Intimacy & New Experiences

One great way of repairing shaken foundations is to inject some imagination into shared activities you can do at home; activities that encourage laughter, intimacy and mental or spiritual exploration. Why not spend an evening going through old photos or creating collages to refresh your treasured memories? You could play a game where you each write down questions that will have you both sifting through funny and treasured relationship memories. Make bucket lists & write some relationship goals together, and perhaps even create a vision board together.

MOT Check-Up

It’s also a good idea to regularly check in with each other by having conversations in which you can both respectfully air concerns and needs, and work on any issues before they become niggles. We are all evolving and going through some degree of grieving for normality, so extend some patience and support to your partner… and don’t forget your friendships will really benefit from this too!

Aim for lots of depth in your conversations often and you’ll encourage intimacy and trust over boredom… and who knows? Your relationship might just blossom into something more beautiful than you ever imagined!


Key Takeaway:

  • Put 100% more effort into communicating honestly, and in a way that allows your partner to open up about whatever is bothering them. Avoid ‘fixing’ or advising unless it’s explicitly required, and be sure to listen without interrupting. Patience and tolerance are more virtuous than ever!
  • Be inventive with new, fun experiences that encourage intimacy and mental stimulation.
  • Show appreciation for your partner’s strength in sticking with you throughout the pressures of lockdown; many didn’t make it, so your lasting commitment should be honoured.
  • Long-term partners could consider setting relationship goals for the next 5 years and check in with each other over the following months about ways to work towards them.
  • Don’t neglect your friendships – partners are only one part of your life story! Friends need support too, so make regular video calls rather than casual texts. This shows you really care.