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Dating can be incredibly exciting, particularly the first date. It's a lot like setting out on an exciting journey and having and having no idea where it is going to end up!

Consequently, it can also be a little daunting and we know those pre-date butterflies can sometimes put you off your A-Game! But relax, we have the top tips to take the stress out of dating and enable you to relax and have some fun!

Keep It Real

We understand that you will be eager to present the very best version of yourself, but we also urge you to keep it real! Making an effort is laudable, so be on time, dress up and be polite…but don’t be tempted to change your personality in an attempt to impress! You're great as you are, so just be…And whilst it is good to be confident about your attributes, take care not to be self-indulgent! Being interested in the other person will give off good vibes and enable you to discover their best attributes.

Leave the past where it belongs…

Hopefully, you will recognise that you are at the start of a new journey, not ending an old one. Therefore, don’t see this as your opportunity to vent about a previous relationship that went sour. Furthermore, you don’t need to know all the details of your date’s relationship history. Enjoy the art of conversation, this is not an interview. Relax and have fun, you may not see the person again…but at least you can enjoy the moment.

Questions are the source of all knowledge…

Yes, we stated that a date is not an interview, but questions are the key to enabling conversations. Great questions relate to travel, hobbies, films or books! It seems cliched but these trinkets of information can give you an insight into a person’s life and whether you share similar values.

Real-life Dating vs Free Online Dating

Are you better at interfacing digitally rather than physically? It is a common problem, swiping this way or that is easy, but offline dating requires a little more social etiquette. Mai Tai urges you to slow down the pace, beauty is more than skin deep so take some time to really get to know the person. At Mai Tai, our matchmakers work hard to ensure you are not left feeling underwhelmed and for your peace of mind, all members have been verified, which means you should only meet with like-minded professional people

Let us know how your first date goes Xx