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The first thing to remember is that the singleton meeting you online wants to feel at ease with you which means that you need to feel at ease with yourself. It’s completely natural to feel nervous about going on a date, but you have to remember that whatever you feel on the inside is going to be reflected on the outside.

That All Important First Impression

The key thing that you can do to overcome this is to use positive body language such as having good posture. Keep your spine ‘tall’ and your shoulders relaxed and turn your body towards your date. This will allow you to come across as confident and relaxed.


We are often urged not to judge a book by its cover or repeatedly told that beauty is only skin deep, so does what we choose to wear on a first date really matter?

The answer is yes! The way you present yourself is probably more powerful than what you say, your image is your personal branding. As soon as you’re signed in even before you even speak, your outfit is giving out messages and you want to ensure they are receiving the right ones. Choose colours that work for you and go for a fit and appearance that work for your body shape. When feeling unsure opt for black, better to be overdressed than underdressed and never go too heavy with eyeliner…men included!

Fashoionable single


Is Now A Good Time To Join Dating Apps And Have The First Date Virtually, Rather Than In-Person? 

With the majority of countries under lockdown, dating has shifted into unprecedented history with video and audio dates on the rise. Most city professionals are too busy to swipe and certainly don’t want to invest time in messaging which has a low investment on return. Luckily most dating apps and sites have adapted quickly to facilitate virtual dating making the entire dating process much easier. The benefit of signing up now is that people actually have time to meet with you because they don’t need to compete with their diary!

What Are The Challenges Of Video Dating? 

The main challenge of video dating is trying to eliminate the awkwardness, which you can limit by following all of our tips. If you’re using a mainstream dating platform there is always the chance that you might not be impressed with the person that you’ve matched with or that the person might not quite match their profile. Try not to take the date too seriously and think of video dating as a way to broaden your professional and social circles.

You need to think about the location for your video date and sort out lighting, potential distractions and the backdrop. Think about some questions that you can ask your date in advance by checking out their profile just before the date. Technical challenges are always a risk so try a dry run on the application that you want to use and sort out a good position/ angle for the camera. Eye-level is what you want to aim for!


What Are The Benefits Of Video Dating? 

The biggest benefit of virtual dating is that everyone will be reminded that there’s so much more to a person than their profile. Hopefully singles will invest the time in getting to know someone else by paying attention to what they say without the usual distractions of a bar or a restaurant. You can see the person that you’re speaking to which gives you a better idea of their personality and this will help you to think about compatibility. The dating process might be quicker with you nailing a date in a few days instead of a few weeks because you’re not competing with two busy diaries and a hectic work schedule.


 Video-Dating Ideas

  1. Using your creative skills to make something that can be exchanged after the lockdown
  2. Share your screen and go for a virtual museum tour
  3. Play a board game online
  4. Take a class online together
  5. Karaoke
  6. Stargaze together
  7. Bake together or enjoy a movie night

What Else?

Stick to the usual online dating safety guidelines when video dating in regards to suspicious behaviour, money and personal information.

Shar Fuller, Relationship Expert