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Does what you wear really matter? 

We are often urged not to judge a book by its cover or repeatedly told that beauty is only skin deep, so does what we choose to wear on a first date really matter?

The answer is yes! The way you present yourself is probably more powerful than what you say, your image is your personal branding. As you approach your date before you even speak, your outfit is giving out messages and you want to ensure they are receiving the right ones.


Let’s be clear, we are not talking about wearing specific labels or subscribing to the newest trends, that is a more personal choice. However, an outfit which is well put together and fits both your figure and the occasion, is likely to help you to feel good, which will, in turn, give you confidence and confidence is far sexier than a tight-fitting little black number. And this includes the guys, we know you have been squatting and squeezing…but too tight is too much! 

What colour should you wear on a first date?

If you have been crushing on this person for ages, you won’t want to leave anything to chance and ensuring you wear a flattering colour is key. One colour does not fit all, your hair, eyes and skin colour should help you determine what suits you most. So take your time and maybe ask the advice of others.


Do you know how powerful colour choices are? What is yours saying about you?

Blue - Baby blue and pastel shades are soothing and friendly. Electric blue gives off a dynamic vibe.

Red - Drama, assertiveness, passion and strength! Are you a force to be reckoned with?

Green - Practical, nurturing and a love of nature…


How does the fit and appearance of clothing make an impact on a date?

different body shapes

Do you know what body shape you have? Of course, you can always lose a few pounds here and there, but your actual shape remains the same. Having a good understanding of your shape will enable you to buy clothes which flatter you the most. You also need to remain true to your sense of style. If you are naturally a hipster or indulge in boho chic, stick with it. Going all Sloaney in a bid to impress will take you out of your comfort zone and you won’t present the real and best version of yourself. 


Anything else?

When feeling unsure opt for black, better to be overdressed than under dressed and never go too heavy with eyeliner…men included!