Mai Tai Group

Dating Trust and safety

We have put together a dating membership which will ensure that everyone who joins can date in the safest possible way.  The Mai Tai Connect membership has the following features to facilitate a safe online dating environment:

  • ID verification – we verify your ID by checking your live photo against the photo's you upload during the sign-up process.

  • Online profiles – not visible to other members. If you think that the person you meet offline gives you information that seems unrealistic, please let us know because we get rid of online profiles to weed out false profile information.

  • Instant messaging – limited to 24 hours once the date is booked so that it used to communicate specifically about the date and members do not have to give out their personal details before meeting up.

  • Bad language filter – a fully integrated filter prevents any online abuse or inappropriate comments.

  • Dating etiquette code – all members must follow our code of conduct when dating offline and if they don’t their membership could be revoked.

All communication must take place through our instant messenger service which can be disabled at any time by each member.

Although the majority of our members will be honest professional people, we would also like our members to follow the guidelines below: 

1.       Report suspicious behaviour – Use the report member button on your dating dashboard if your date doesn't follow the dating etiquette code or if they behave in a manner that you find suspicious (online or offline).

2.       Money – The date is already paid for via your membership so don’t give money to any other members and do not pass on your bank details.

3.       Personal information – We will only share your first name with the person we set you up on a date with. Take your time to get to know that individual before you share any personal information including where you live or work.

4.       Stay sober – Don’t impair your judgment with the excessive consumption of alcohol.

5.       Friends and family – The date booked for each member is in a public restaurant but please let others know where and when you are meeting.

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